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2 Boxes 2 Day Diet Pills The ingredients of 2 Day Diet Pill are 100% natural herbs, such as Lingzhi, Fox-nut, Tuckahoe, Dioscoreae, Ebony, Wheat Germ, Seman Pruni and so on. Lingzhi is the main ingredient, which can not only help improve the immune function and promote intestinal peristalsis, but also help maintain digestive function and eliminate constipation effectively. Moreover, it can prevent obesity by improving blood circulation and promoting metabolism.

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Lingzhi, Ebony, Fox-nut, Tuckahoe, Semen Pruni, Dioscoreae, Wheat Germ

Specification: 60 Capsules/Bottle
Usage&Dosage: Take one capsule before breakfast at the beginning days, 1 time/day, if don't have any uncomfortable feeling, take 2 capsules before breakfast, 1 time/day
Precaution: Not suitable for people below 18 or above 60 or pregnant women, Not suitable for people with heart disease, high blood pressure etc, don't take it along with other drugs, medicine or alcohol etc.

Customers Reviews:

5 Stars ( Total 18 Reviews)
2 day diet by Heather Clayton
I am now 1 week into the 2 daydiet capsules and think I have lost a little weight (no longer have scales) , i don’t have too much cravings for food now so hopefully this one does the trick, wish me good luck

I recommend it by Michelle George
I recommend this product and suggest to combine some workout, when I first started taking the 2 day diet capsules I didn't exercise but I still lost 10lbs, so then I decided to start exercising to see if it would speed up the weight loss anymore and it sure did. It seems that the fat was just disapearin with very little effort after that lol

Love this product! by Maria Robinson
For a while now I've tried different diets and I never really lost weight. I then read about your product,Two Day Diet,and decided it was worth a shot. Based off all my research I decided yours was the best, and I was right! So far I have lost 7 pounds

Really does work by Kathleen Williams
UPDATE: I've been using this for 2-3 months now and I have lost 10 lbs for the last month. I have recommended this product to my friends and family and they have noticed changes in their bodies and lifestyles. I'm glad I found this product.

I've been taking Japan Lingzhi for about three weeks and have been successful! I'm looking forward to accompanying it with healthy diets and regular exercises! Feeling great & loving it!

I have only been taking the japan 2 day diet for a very short period of time and I already know its working.I normally feel hungry every couple of hours and I crave sweets and snacks. On the first day I only ate twice!! I was not obsessing over food any more,so magic!

I have been using Japan Lignzhi for a month now and I have lost about 5 pounds.Just plan to place another order to continue the success.

I have been taking 2 day diet pills for a little over a week now and although I have not seen any weightloss results yet I know they are coming.It gives me the energy/drive to want to eat better and exercise. I have found myself a couple times sitting without any cravings for sweets.

Thank you,2 Day Diet Capsules! by Jennifer Collins
I received my order in great time and right away they helped curb my appetite.Also gave me more energy! I'll keep going from there.Thank you,2 Day Diet Capsules!

Just for some information, I am 23 years old, 5'1" tall, and started at 132 pounds as my heaviest weight. I was at the borderline BMI of Normal and Overweight, and decided to do something about it. I started dieting and exercising, but only saw small results.This case doesn't change until I take two day slimming capsules

I started taking this product 2wks ago.....I weighted myself today....To my surprised I lost 5 lbs......it curb my appetite,,, after taking it I dont feel hungry...... And also sleep better at night.... This by far the best weight loss pills on the market!

I'm usually a skeptic with weight loss supplements,there is no "miracle pill". I got this heavy on my own so I should expect to lose it on my own, right? Wrong! I've only been taking this for about 2 1/2 weeks and I have lost about 3 lbs (could be more in the future)

I can tell ya'll right now that I lost 3 pounds in 3 days...I have been struggling for years to get rid of this weight...I only take 2 slimming pills a day, every morning with a bottle of warm water,and wait at least 1 hour or 1 hour and a half to notice the differnce.

This product really works, i cant believe it but my appetite is suppressed, and that is the main concern for me.If taken ontime pounds come off!

I have been using this for a bit over a week and down 4 pounds. It really helps control appetite. Customer service rep was very helpful.

I will be the first to say that I really had low expectations for this product to help me lose weight. That is because most I have tried in the past produced no significant results and ended up being a waste of money but that is NOT the case with this wonderful slimming product 2day diet pills

This product has been working very well for me. I am very pleased. I take the weight loss recommended dosage ( 1 pill a day at first,and then 2 pills per day) and so far I have noticed fat loss and my body feels much better. I can walk around the block without feeling tired!

I have never, ever experienced such tremendous customer service as I have with 2day diet pills.Tina is especially helpful, friendly, knowledgable and professional. I will continue to buy from this company! Thanks 2DAY!!!